Has your favorite printed t-shirt faded and cracked from overuse and years of wear, washing, and drying? Here are a few tips to make sure that your new t-shirt lasts as long as possible.

Remember that the ink of the shirt becomes part of the shirt, not just imprinted on them. When your shirts are printed correctly, they can last several years.

How to wash and care for your custom screen-printed clothes.

1. Turn your t-shirt inside out when washing and drying. When you turn the shirt inside out, the printed ink rubs against less material when tumbling in the washer and dryer. This first step can be the best step for making your printed t-shirts last as long as possible.

2. Use low-temperature or cold wash settings when washing your printed shirt. Make sure to separate darks and colored shirts from whites when washing your shirts.

3. Use a mild laundry detergent

4. When drying, use the tumble dry setting or go the old-fashioned route and hang it out to dry.

5. If you iron your screen-printed shirt, make sure that it is inside out. This helps maintain the structural integrity of the imprint.

6. Ensure that you order your custom printed t-shirts from a top-quality vendor, like IGG Screen Printing & Graphics.

When ordering your custom printed t-shirts, be on the lookout for ink washout. Meaning the ink on the shirt is not cured all the way through.