How to wash embroidered items, it is always best to turn the garments inside out. This will help protect the embroidery from abrasion. Also, whenever possible, try and avoid washing embroidered items with metal hardware items, such as zippers.

To avoid shrinkage of the material, wash the fabric as gently as possible and air dry if you can.

If you are ever worried about the thread color bleeding onto the fabric, try a gentle wash in cold water. If you notice any bleeding from the colors when washing the fabric, rinse the items in cool water until the color is removed.

Washing instructions:

1.   Pre-rinse your embroidered material under cold running water.

2.   Mix a small amount of mild laundry detergent into cold water. Gently squeeze the liquid through the fabric several times. DO NOT use a specially formulated wool wash, harsh detergents, or chlorine bleach, as these will ruin your material.

3.   Rinse several times in cold water. Don’t worry if the water becomes colored when washing. This is normal, continue rinsing until the water runs clear.

4.   Roll between two clean towels and squeeze gently without wringing. DO NOT allow the embroidery to touch instead, as colors may bleed into one another.

5.   Unroll the towels and spread your needlework flat to dry on a new fresh towel or drying rack. Let it air dry until it is just slightly damp so that it can be ironed.

6.   To iron, place the cross stitch face down between two clean towels ( the towels will protect your stitches from being crushed) and press lightly with a warm iron.

Never use a hot iron. To remove creases or fold lines, use the steam setting on your iron but be careful not to use too much as some color shave a tendency to run.

Keep in mind that all textiles show swear as they are washed and use. The apparel is yours, and it is your responsibility to help your embroidered material age gracefully.

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