Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as Silk Screening; is a method of printing graphics on a t-shirt using thick inks that lay on top of the shirt rather than soaking into the shirt. Screen Printing is what most companies use and, back in the day, was the only major way to create bulk amounts of custom t-shirts.

Screen Printing turns out best when done by professional t-shirt companies such as IGG. Experience, know-how, and the right equipment all combine to make the perfect t-shirt.

We recommend screen printing for simple company logos, team names, and t-shirts with text. As well, screen printing works very well with both light and dark t-shirts.

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In this digital age, embroidery is done using advanced software and high-tech machinery.

Your logo or artwork is scanned and loaded onto our computers. One of our skilled operators then presses a frame around the imprint area and inserts the fabric under the needle in the machine. A mechanized needle goes across the material at a rapid pace, putting each stitch into place. Each thread color is stitched individually until the logo or design is complete. A technician snips off any excess thread and checks for inconsistencies in the embroidered design. The result is a raised, textured look.

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Laser Engraving

Laser engraved items are the perfect way for your business to add a personalized touch to glass awards, metal plaques, picture frames, promotional products and more. The process of laser engraving creates a sharp, crystal clear image. From corporate gifts and wedding favors such as personalized wine glasses to promotional products like metal pens and awards.

Use our laser engraving services to add that extra professional touch to custom promotional products, personalized gifts for corporate events or other special occasions!

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Team Uniforms

At IGG Screen Printing & Graphics, we make outfitting your team with the industry’s top brands quick, easy and affordable. You can choose from custom team jerseys for a wide variety of sports, including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, softball, volleyball and more. In addition to offering the highest-quality custom team uniforms, we provide customized team warm-ups, T-shirts, sweats, caps, bags and a variety of other sports products.

We know that great uniforms bring great teams together. We’re committed to bringing you the fit, quality, and performance your team needs to excel. Nobody has a wider selection of custom team jerseys and apparel from top quality brands.

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Digital Printing

Digital printing is a modern method of production that makes prints from electronic files. It involves your artwork being created on a computer and then printed directly onto the material of your choice. Digital printing is an alternative to traditional methods and eliminates many of the mechanical steps required for conventional printing.

With the method of digital printing, an image is sent directly to the printer using digital files in PDF, TIFF, PSD or other formats. Digital printing is best used for items that require high amounts of detail and smaller quantity orders

Digital Printing offers impressive quality and consistency over the other options. The colors show up perfectly on the prints and there are no issues with harsh lines. There are fewer steps in the printing process, and as a result, the final product can be delivered quicker. Digital printing provides the most affordable solution to customize marketing materials, direct mail pieces and letters, business cards, and more.

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Graphic Installation

IGG specializes in design and install of vehicle wraps, signage, and vinyl lettering, to personal or commercial vehicles. We can also install floor graphics or vinyl graphics on walls and windows to homes and businesses.

Installation includes cutting and shaping the graphics to fit each surface, heating and applying graphics, disassembling and reassembling products during the application, and using proper adherence and cutting techniques during application.

Our graphic installers carry out most of their responsibilities on-site in our workshop to prepare the vinyl, our installers will then travel to the customers locations to complete each job.

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