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By IGG Screen Printing
February 5, 2021

The first step to owning uniforms or sports gear is to understand the maintenance and care needed for each garment. Pro Look is one of the top grade selections for your needs and has released a 5-step system on how to maintain the integrity of your garments. Keep on reading to find the best of-the-best tips for your care needs.


Once you receive your Pro Looks Sports apparel you should immediately pull each item out of the packaging and store the item on a hanger. This helps to assure that there is no residual wetness that could cause molding. If you are worried about your tackle-twill numbering or letting being stiff, it should soften after several washes. If you’re needing it softened quicker, soak it in cold water for 30 minutes before the first wash.


Heavily soiled uniforms should always be soaked in cold water with a protein release agent for no longer than 45 minutes. Uniforms should always be washed after presoaking.2. 


For the longevity and optimal results always wash uniforms after each wearing. If you cannot immediately wash after wearing, they should be rinsed out and hung on rust proof hangers. Color migration may occur if wet uniforms are piled for laundry, or placed in a travel bag while damp or wet. 

“Pro Look recommends the following washing, drying, and storage procedures to prolong the appearance, and extend the life of your Pro Look uniforms.”

-Do not wash in warm or hot water

-Do not wash whites and colors together

-Do not dry with any heat, for best results you’ll want to hand dry your items

-Do not use chlorine bleach

-Do not use fabric softener

-Do not dry clean

-Do not leave wet or damp uniforms in a pile

-Use a mild detergent (ph under 10.0ph)

-Minimize the mechanical action by keeping the water level high in the washing machine.


For best results allow garments to hang dry (particularly those containing Spandex). In the event that you use a dryer (recommended to hang dry) use and air dry or damp dry setting as high heat can cause shrinking. 


Uniforms should always be completely dry before storing. To prevent mildew and yellowing, uniforms should be stored in a cool, dry are protected from sunlight and florescent light.

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