Tonal Printing – A New Star to Reveal Your Unique Choice

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With time and advancement of technology, an evolution has affected every sector. Printing is no exception. The method, types, designs and materials have all undergone a lot of changes as per technological inventions and upgrades.

The method of tonal printing is one such fruit of technology that is quite new in the industry. It is a unique method to provide an all-new look that will grab your attention. The t-shirt printing industry in OKC is adopting this new technique gradually. Meanwhile, you can take a quick tour of this concept.

t shirt printing okc

What Is Tonal Printing?

This is a screen printing process where water-based ink is used to create a print that is either lighter than the t-shirt color or a little darker than it. Respectively, this ink is referred to as Tonal Light and Tonal Dark.

This will provide a vintage feel to the t-shirt. The print is extremely subtle and it can create the desired look on your favorite tee. The other ways to achieve a vintage look on your t-shirt is to blend the fabrics or use a texture to get a different look altogether.

About the Shade

If you are confused when choosing the t-shirt to get this tonal print on, there is a simple rule for you. It is best to choose a light-colored t-shirt to get dark tonal printing done and vice versa. For black or charcoal shades, you can get a grey color as the tonal print ink. If you consult with a professional designer, you can get the combination of both light and dark tonal prints in one t-shirt. The color of the t-shirt has to be neutral in this case to match the combination.

t shirt printing okc

Material – The Most Suitable One

Basically, this works on any type of t-shirt in terms of fabric. It depends on your choice and how you want the print to be. For a lighter and worn out shade, a polyester or cotton blend material would be fine. And for a sharp and fresh look, nothing can beat cotton t-shirts.

In OKC, people choose t-shirt printing for a unique look and tonal printing is the latest one for them to try. If you want this worn out look on your t-shirt, you can come to us for a wide array of designs in affordable packages. We are IGG Screen Printing & Graphics and we are always there to meet your expectation of getting a unique look.