Tips to Make Custom T-shirts Your Business-Booster

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In contrast to popular belief, t-shirts do not have to be that unpleasant to leave in a drawer's lower surface. It can be relaxed, comfortable and something your staff or team would like to wear outside the office as well.

The design of the t-shirts is a very popular place for creative artists. Whether you are a designer or an illustrator, it can be a very appealing idea to place your designs on t-shirts. However, it can be intimidating. The screen printing companies in OKC can make your job easy.

It’s Not Just a Logo

If you simply put your logo on a t-shirt, you can create a t-shirt design that will take your shirts from good to truly special.


Exploring the Concept

Sketch out your t-shirt design and take a walk, create a couple of variations and eat something. Then sleep. Moreover, again do it all. Great if it's up to you immediately. However, just look in the case for other creative options.

Choosing the Right Color

Take the effective use of the t-shirt color and try to choose additional colors. Contact our screen printing companiy in OKC to design it with the right colors. It saves you so much time, an absolute saver of life.

For Men and Women Both

Women can fit into a unisex option, so picking them is easier, but it means giving the women an option to have a t-shirt which suits them. The possibility of options shows consideration and intention. Yes, in this movement, t-shirts are trivial, but they help to show that women have the same position in your business.

screen printing companies okc

Add Minute Details

Small additions such as a print or hem tag enhance the shirt feel and value for money.


Take inspiration from recent trends, but don't copy them. Others are likely to move on to something else behind closed doors when you saw t-Shirt manufactured.

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Your design has been completed and well designed, but you can’t get a proper result if you can’t get an adequate screen printing company in OKC. Discuss with your printing expert and get the most desired design printed on the t-shirts.

At IGG Screen Printing and Graphics we support brands who are proud to wear custom t-shirts. If you want further assistance with choosing a t-shirt or starting a t-shirt order, let us know! Our team is keen to assist you.