The Ways Custom T-shirts Can Help Your Business Grow

custom t shirts okc

The main objective of marketing is to increase viewers and accelerate sales. As winning customers over is something all marketers are chasing, it is not at all an easy task to win them for your brand. Marketing specialists brainstorm, plan and follow a lot of strategies to meet this requirement. And custom t-shirts are the result of their brainstorming. Expert marketers in OKC give immense importance to custom t-shirts when promoting a business and there are plenty of valid reasons behind this notion.

custom t shirts okc

Why T-shirts

Have you thought of using custom t-shirts to promote your brand in OKC? Well, t-shirts are something people like but it is a fact that it is a viable source of customer acquisition.

  • One of the prime reasons to use t-shirts as an effective marketing trick is their visibility. Unlike business cards, it won’t just sit in their pocket; it would be within other people's eyesight. Additionally, it is not like the ads from AdWords for which we all have trained ourselves to ignore. People are attracted to an interesting design on t-shirts and well-designed t-shirts always earn compliments. This is the first thing people notice and thus your brand gets exposure.

  • T-shirts enforce brand loyalty. As people first notice the outfit, if the design of the t-shirt attracts people, they will want to know more about it, making the brand more recognizable. As well as this, it involves a lot of emotional attachments. People keep their favorite t-shirts for a long time, making them grow an attachment with the promo item as well.

  • The minimum cost of a t-shirt is around $20 -$30 at any store. But when you are choosing custom t-shirts in OKC you are getting it at a much lower price as you are purchasing in bulk. It looks like a costly gift to customers, but actually, in less money, you will be capable of promoting your brand by passing out t-shirts with your brand logo.

  • If you judge the ROI for the t-shirts, you will notice that it is a cheaper option to promote your brand compared to the other available options. Due to the ROI being mostly based on assumption, it cannot be determined against the other options that are available. However, it is assumed by our experts in OKC that custom t-shirts fetch better visibility for a brand. You could still assume the ROI by the clicks on your ads from the amount of purchases of your product as you can find out where the clicks are coming from.

  • The cost per impression or the CPI for the average giveaway is decided easily. A t-shirt gets worn 4.32 times a month and it earns 365 impressions whenever it is seen. If a t-shirt is kept for a year, you would, therefore, earn 4380 impressions for each t-shirt.

custom t shirts okc

Here are some tips for making your t-shirts a successful way to promote your brand:

  • The color variation should be low to make it more affordable.

  • The design should be eye-catching and crisp.

  • The quality of the t-shirt should not be sacrificed.

If you want to get custom t-shirts in OKC, we are here to help you. Come to us at IGG Screen Printing and Graphics and get a worthy design to serve your purposes.