The Best Way to Get the Right Custom Hat

Promo caps are among our best-selling products each year. From experience, however, we are aware that most of the caps that we sell are worn for a one-day promo event then put into the cupboard and never see daylight again.

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You must keep these things in mind while getting custom hats in OKC for your brand.

  • Hats should be fashionable or at least look nice if customers expect to wear them in public.

  • If you have a hat that causes discomfort, they are not going to help your marketing efforts.

Follow these steps to ensure that your promotional caps continue to generate brand value. Our team at IGG Screen Printing & Graphics can also be asked to guide you through this process.

Invest in Quality

People in OKC consider custom hats as very useful and practical promotional items. The quality of the cap and construction should match the intended use if they are usable and practical. If cap quality is not up to the mark, why make them at all?

Upgrade It

For only a little more, the caliber of your promotional caps and a real return on investment is easy to increase. When you want to brand your product, you should want customers to associate with the brand for values. Although all promotional items should be well made you have a little more leeway to provide real-world convenience with something people can and hopefully will want to use, rather than just flyers, business cards, etc.

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Attractive and ‘Cool’

It doesn't make it attractive simply because you put your brand name or logo on something. Your concept is not defective, of course, but promotion means the best methods to deliver any campaign.

To make it attractive, you should:

  • Consider the number of colors – keep it classy.

  • Make it eye-catching using contrast and shapes even if there’s only one color.

  • Maintain the right ratio for the logo design and the other parts of the cap.

Consulting Your Professionals

With IGG, you have years of experience in the branding of clothing products and know-how in your corner. The idea of cool may be subjective, but a professional, like our team, can easily identify mistakes in marketing, helping you to change course for the best results.

Modern Look

If you expect your hats to be worn out as part of regular attire, you should keep updated with the times. Advertising clothing, including hats, should be up to date with the latest fashion trends – or at least fit into the range of what most people use.

Flexfit and snapback caps are always popular and can be a safe bet when well-branded.

Identify the Target Market

There's no doubt about how and when to keep things clear and playful. Levity in advertising products that don't match your brand or theme, image or character might not be very good for prospecting.

A small amount of research can reveal essential details about your target demographic.

Branding Options

Be not afraid of mixing it–your brand is filled with a touch of creativity, and suppliers offer more options than ever before. Why not surprise future customers with even newer products.

Bring your expectations for your branded hats out of the box. Capture unique effects or show off an amazing new branding technology.

For more information and the right custom hats in OKC, contact our team at IGG Screen Printing & Graphics.