Screen Printing and Its Restrictions for Zippers

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Screen printing is much like roller painting. The paint goes smoothly and evenly on a flat wall. When the roller hits a bump inside the wall space is missed, and the color from the roller breaks, which affects the look of the paint. Fleece hoodies are usually smooth without having a zipper or pocket, but other styles can be a challenge.

Clothes are currently very popular with non-traditional printed areas. However, this kind of printing often has its challenges, such as how your good design looks when printing. This can be difficult, but possible, and the end products always make the effort worthwhile.

Screen printing on coarse textiles is difficult enough. It's even harder to print on a zipper. The surface needs to be uniform for screen printing to succeed. Zippers and thick seams create disturbances under the squeegee screen and make ink pool in some areas, whereas the durability and quality of the print are affected by these disturbances in other areas. Ink can also get into the zipper, which makes it unnecessarily difficult to use.

screen printing okc

Graphics over Zippers

To avoid any zippers and seams together, we suggest creating fitting artwork. Art designed to fit the garment ensures a much better printing quality because the print surface remains flat. Graphics can be created for the zipper by a break in the middle of the actual design.

All we need is a half-inch distance from the seam. Lighter inks or multicolor designs in darker clothing may result in poor results, as a base is applied and heated. You can put all your artwork on the back of the garment and change to a left chest printer the same logo so that you can avoid this problem. Also, if it works with the artwork, half zip hoodies can be ordered and printed on the bottom of the garment.

screen printing okc

What Should be Avoided?

Heavy, robust designs lead ink buildup. This takes place when ink becomes stuck in grooves because of printing on a non-flat material. To reduce that, we use halftones or similar methods in our screen printing in OKC to reduce the amount of build-up between the points.

The zipper can be held during printing for printed zip-up hoodies to keep the surface flat. This equipment is typically designed for heavyweight, much denser fabric than those lightweight hoodies. As a result, your zippers sit lower in the gutter and create an uneven printing surface. Only covered zippers can be used to under screen printing. When we print on an exposed zipper, the ink will dry and gum up the zipper.

screen printing okc

At IGG Screen Printing and Graphics, we make sure to do our screen printing in OKC as close to your vision as possible and work with you their challenges like zippers. For any query related to printing, contact us.