Print or Embroidery – Which One to Choose for Workwear

Work wear are often adapted for a company logo, with the most popular embroidery and printing methods. We supply printed clothing and custom embroidery workwear to many companies in OKC at IGG Screen Printing and Graphics, and we are often asked what to choose for workwear? Embroidery or printing? The answer depends on your needs; not just one case is better than the other.

When choosing between embroidered workwear and printed branding techniques on company wear, there are numerous complicating factors. You might end up with an inferior product and waste spending if you do not use careful consideration. Here is how and what to think about it.

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Uses of T-shirt Printing

T-shirt printing is perfect for promotions. They are an excellent way to help people recognize your cause or your organization. Custom clothing acts as publicity on the go. The printing of t-shirts is cheap and is frequently bought in bulk. With companies and charities, t-Shirt printing is very popular. Printing on t-shirts is usually bigger, luminous and more prominent. A T-shirt's goal is to turn heads and focus on the t-shirt cause or organization. Printing makes it possible to make more complex designs than embroidery.

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Uses of Embroidery

Embroidery requires high-quality and thicker clothing like a hoody, polo or sweatshirt. For logo or smaller designs, embroidery is used mainly. In their uniforms, many firms in OKC choose custom embroidery for workwear. Because the embroidery looks professional and gives the clothing a stronger feel. It is long lasting and is not going to fade into the laundry. For this reason, some argue that it is a much better value than printing. Embroidery should be applied to long-lasting uniforms and garments.

Differences Between Embroidery and Printing

These are two entirely different processes. They produce a whole different look and that can be used only on certain types of clothing or materials. Embroidery means using precise machinery to stitch cloth in a small area of space thousands of times. You have thus a highly detailed logo or other pieces of art on your workwear or wear items for your company.

Printing is a varied method with a variety of techniques. However, two types of printing are primarily available, both direct and indirect. First, the color of material should be changed by using incrustations, and second, the application. Again, all the various techniques have their respective strengths and weaknesses, their cost implications and their best use. This is why you must avoid a supplier that tries to employ a single technique for every artistic style, for every type of garment, for every order size.

A combination of personalizing techniques is always the best way to create workwear for companies or business clothing.

We understand that it can be difficult to decide if workwear is best embroidered or printed and we are happy to support you. Please contact us from our website or by direct call if you have any questions, at IGG Screen Printing and Graphics. Don't forget to attach a logo or artwork picture!