Most Common Mistakes to Avoid With Laser Etching

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Laser etching is a popular choice in OKC and other cities around the United States, though many of them fail to serve their purpose due to the lack of proper use. It is very important to learn the proper use of these signs so that you can get the maximum out of the investment.

Here in this blog, we are going to focus on the most avoidable mistakes that people often make with laser engraving.

  • It is necessary to avoid burning the material with the laser engraving machine. It is very important to understand which fabrics can withstand the process and what temperature is perfect for them. Some fabrics like denim, leather or canvas can withstand high power but you can’t expect this from the delicate fabrics.

  • The right acrylic should be used during the application. With laser etching in OKC, there are two types of acrylics used, but the use of each application varies. The cast acrylic sheets are made from liquid acrylic poured into the molds to form different shapes. This one is ideal for engraving. It turns frosty white when it is engraved. Another type is called extruded acrylic that is formed into sheets. It is less expensive than the former type. However, it reacts differently with the process of laser engraving. It does not produce the frosted look. A clear engraving look is what you can expect from it.

laser etching okc.jpg
  • Laser engraving on glass often fails. There is no deep remark on the material and also there are high chances that the glass will become fractured. Depending on the glass quality, you may get the frosted look along with a rough and chipped surface as well. There are processes through which you can get a smooth finish with the frosted look on glass. Contact the laser etching service providers in OKC for this information.

  • A properly maintained machine will perform the best. The same goes for laser engraving machines. For cleaning and other maintenance of the machine, you need professional help. The optics of the laser need to be cleaned carefully to maintain its gold and shiny look to perform the best.

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