Lift Your Team Spirit with Custom Embroidered Costumes

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Embroidery products are trending in clothing for brands and custom designs. Sports teams are adopting this idea now for all teammates. According to them, it is an excellent choice for improving the team spirit. While discussing this, the uniform or the jerseys are the first things that would pop up in your mind. But embroideries are not limited to these two. There are plenty more areas to explore. Our custom embroidery services in Oklahoma City, OK can help you understand and choose the best one for your team.

Read the blog for separate options for different sports:

custom embroidery services oklahoma city ok


Being a swimmer, you are not supposed to wear traditional clothes and so you may think, embroidery is not for you. It is not true. As an excellent alternative to screen printing in bathing suits, the embroidered team name is chosen by many teams these days. It helps maintain its appearance and colors, despite the harsh effects of the chemicals of a pool. The embroidery should be light so that it wouldn’t add extra bulk to the suit. Consult our custom embroidery services in Oklahoma City, OK for guidelines.

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In addition to jerseys, hockey equipment can be difficult for you to embroider. It may seem trivial– every sock is the same, right? However, others may be more worn, more or less frequently washed that leads to discoloration. Make sure that everybody looks uniform and each hockey player's number is embroidered. It is only for the players to maintain the spirit of the team.

Similar opportunities of the embroidered apparel are for traditional team sports such as football or baseball. The warm-up uniforms such as sweat pants, jackets and caps with embroidery can give you a unique and professional look. Embroidery is less prone to deterioration or damage. Hence, it is better for intense activities.

custom embroidery services oklahoma city ok

To get some unique custom embroidery services in Oklahoma City, OK for your team, you can visit us at IGG Screen Printing and Graphics and consult our professional designers for the design and color.