Laser Etching or Laser Engraving: Which One to Get?

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It is a necessity of product labeling, marketing and identification for  consumers and industry regulations. A product now requires a permanent marking that not only complies with the regulation but also makes one's products different. In recent years, laser etching and laser engraving have so far grown in popularity. Laser etching and laser engraving are often used in OKC on the market interchangeably. Nonetheless, one option is always the best for you as a business owner or a property owner seeking unique features. You can you label parts, place your logo or just print a serial number. So which is the best way of doing this?

Laser Etching

Laser etching occurs when the beam is interacting with a material's surface, changing its properties or look.

  1. You can move a beam over the material slowly using coloration method that produces marks without cutting off the material.

  2. The laser heats the material that causes oxidation and turns the material black under the surface.

  3. The metal is applied to the surface with low temperatures.

  4. This is done while the surface is left untouched.

laser etching okc

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a process in which the laser beam removes the material surface physically to expose a cavity which reveals the picture visible to the eye.

  1. During the engraving process, the laser generates high heat, leading necessarily to the material vaporization.

  2. This is a fast process because with each pulse the material is vaporized.

  3. This produces a noticeable cavity in the surface.

  4. Repeat with several passes to make deeper marks with the laser engraver.

Laser Etching

In the process of laser etching in OKC, the laser vaporizes a thin stratum of your material to create a design through the etching process. So the laser puts the design on the material instead of creating small holes, such as in the engraving process. The programming of the laser can be done by sending a highly localized beam to a particular place.

laser etching okc

While laser marking, laser engraving, and laser etching may seem similar, they have major differences. In process and final appearance, each is very different. The choice will depend on several things. Almost everything is determined by the nature of your project and the material in use. Engraving is the best deal for some projects, and it's just as good for certain markings. Appearance is significant to some people. Engraving can be nice to feel, but it's just as good to see marking.

How do you want to keep your business unique from the competitors? In OKC laser engraving is famous for some businesses, whether some prefer laser etching. If you can't decide the best one for yours, IGG Screen Printing and Graphics is here to help you out. We are just a call away.