Know the Meaning of the Color Wheel Better

We all know how colors can affect emotions. This is itself a sophisticated approach to use colors and to take its advance in marketing or branding. How the colors will be perceived is an individual’s choice though. However, there are a few colors having specific emotional influences. In this regard, our custom shirt printing house in OKC takes color choice under serious consideration.

custom shirt printing okc.png

Several colors have several emotional responses. The emotional influences also may come if colors are combined. For example, black denotes luxury or elegance, but when it is paired up with grey, it feels more masculine.

Irrespective of age there are highly popular colors whereas the popularity of some other colors is highly impacted by a person’s background, culture or even geographical location.

Bright colors denote happiness, positive energy and strength whereas dark colors are for melancholy and sadness.

Black and certain dark colors are associated with darker emotions and are quite popular among teens and young adults+. If your demographic target is young people, use black designs or for the base t-shirt or custom jersey in OKC.

Are you trying to print a t-shirt with a color blend that conveys temperature? For cool choose blue or green. For warmer temperature choose red, orange and yellow.

Yellow is the color of positivity, joy and energy. Blue comes right after yellow for positive emotional impact and gives a feel of peace and tranquility. Blue is also associated with negative emotions like sadness and isolation.

Red comes in the middle of the emotional spectrum and it denotes lots of positivity as it is strongly related to love, but when it is at the other side of the spectrum it shows anger.

Purple is associated with magic and mystery, as well as spirituality or wealth.

Hope this guide will help you while choosing colors for custom printed shirts in OKC. Come to IGG Screen Printing and Graphics to help you to choose the color and bring your vision to life!