Important Tips for Screen Printing on Tri-Blend T-shirts

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Screen printing on t-shirts is trending nowadays. Tri-blend t-shirts are one of the prevalent choices for apparel printing. Why is it called tri-blend? The material of these t-shirts is a mixture of cotton, rayon and polyester. The combination of these three makes the fabric extremely soft and comfortable. The people of OKC opt for this material a lot and get them printed. Custom-made prints on this soft material make it popular among people of all ages.

The screen printing companies in OKC have come up with some of the pitfalls of using mixed fabric in terms of screen printing. This list is also derived from customers’ feedback. You should know this information before you select this option. Here are some crucial points to pay attention to.

screen printing companies okc
  1. The inks used are processed through dryers to cure it into place. Using heat of 320 degrees or so can cure the ink but it does have an impact on the fabric. As the tri-blend includes polyester, the dye from the fabric can be sublimated into a gas that travels through the ink. The screen printing inks can be stained with this and the original color of the paint can be spoiled. This is called dye migration. To combat the issue, many screen printing companies in OKC go for low-bleed inks to prevent the dye mixing with the ink.

  2. If you are going for a soft hand print, it is best to use water-based inks. But, on tri-blend fabrics, the print will not stand out. Though the washed out vintage look is in fashion, you should only go for this method, if that is the style you are looking for. If not try a different fabric.

  3. Tri-blend fabric has its own elasticity and that can be inappropriate for printing. The print can become distorted and lose its charm. Proper maintenance is required to prevent any distortion.

  4. The more colors you add to the design the more vibrant it will look. But because of the tendency for tri-blend tee shirts to scorch easily with flash units, printing can be difficult. Spot-curing colors with multi-colored prints must have flash units. Therefore, it is better to skip multi-color designs on tri-blend t-shirts.

  5. The rayon makes the shirt slick, which makes it difficult to work with on the pallets and press. This causes registration issues and makes it look a little overlapped.

screen printing companies okc

You can get help from screen printing companies in OKC in regards to your customized tri-blend t-shirts. Call IGG Screen Printing and Graphics and get the best design for you with recommendations of the right fabric.