How Laser Engraving and Laser Etching Are Different?

In two ways details are added to an object — laser etching and laser engraving. These two methods use a laser’s heat to alter the physical form of the object, add letters or even draw a particular design permanently. The difference between the two imprinting methods is now being learned.

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Laser Etching

In the laser etching process, high heat melts the material surface. This results in bumps forming on the heated surface. It is not thicker than 0.001 inches, allows the top part to be burnt and the material to be textured. It's therefore perfect for thinner materials. The laser creates a thin layer for producing a design through the etching process.

Thus, the laser flattens designs on the material rather than create slight bumps as in the engraving process. You can program a laser to send you a localized beam to do it.

Type of Products

Given the shallow depth of laser etching, it’s the best way to include details on delicate materials like glass and valuable metals. That is why custom etching is frequently used in the making of jewelry.

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Laser Engraving

On the other hand, laser engrave is a laser marking method that can reach beneath the surface. It reaches a depth of 0.020 to 0.125 cm through the material. The laser cuts the material on the same surface several times. This makes it possible to cut more parts of the material surface and dig a deeper surface.

The laser melts the material surface when the graving is carried out. The heated surface is thus extended, and slight bumps are created. Laser engrave provides the material with good contrast to designs. For deep, permanent markings on materials, this is an effective process.

Types of Projects

Laser engraving works best on larger and thicker surfaces, like wood and metals. Compared to carving, you can only think on a smaller scale of laser engraving. You can contact us for laser engraving in OKC if you find it required for your business promotional designs and the products you want to brand.

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Our Products

Laser engraving could be your choice when it comes to our products! Many products can be customized using laser engraving in OKC if you choose us, like travel mugs, glasses, plaques, name plates and more.

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