Embroidery Has Come a Long Way – More to Go

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Embroidery is an old invention of mankind that has brought a revolution to fashion technology. For ages, it has been a popular choice for clothing lines, though it was first used to embellish royal attire. The primary reason for its popularity is its versatility; this quality makes it accepted among the masses as well as royals. While it can be an extremely expensive piece like the robe of the Pope, it can also be as simple as a logo print.

The latest technology makes a smooth finish; therefore, it is quite acceptable for logo printing or embroidered workwear.

How does embroidery work? This is very important to know when you are thinking about doing it for your office wear or uniform. For industrial requirements, there are large-scale machines, which are solely used for industrial purposes. These machines can embellish a large quantity of embroidered clothes, in a short time, especially when they are needed to meet deadlines.

custom embroidery okc

Way of Functioning

There are a few complexities when dealing with large-scale machines for embroidery, but the general ways they function are applicable to most custom embroidery service providers in OKC.

  • The design is made using specific software.

  • The design uses stitches so that machine can easily be read.

  • The machine can then easily read the file.

  • The machine has inputs or learns to make the image.

  • The fabric is framed on the machine.

  • After that, the machine starts to embroider.

Once the artwork is digitalized, then it is set up with the right color threads and the part of the fabric that is to be embroidered. The fabric is backed by another material which is usually white. After stabilizing everything the machine starts to embroider.


It completely depends on the embroidery type, the design, the quantity, fabric and the garment type. Lastly, the digitization process and artwork set up, along with the machine cost, all have an effect on the cost of the work.

custom embroidery okc

When to Use

You can use custom embroidery in OKC for printing logos and designs on clothing or for uniforms. Make sure the service provider is a reputable one, otherwise, it may lack in quality. You do not want poor printing, unreadable text or design or low-quality color coordination.

For clear, simple images on clothing, this is the best option. Clear images have no need for multiple colors, which is why this is very relevant for embroidered workwear. Apart from that it can be used for school badges, name labels, bags, pet items.

custom embroidery okc

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