Embroidery and Screen Printing Are the Two Pillars of Clothing

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Embroidery is nothing new, it has been invented years ago and since then it is a major part of clothing and fashion. Initially, it was all about different fabrics together or patches on a fabric. Now it is seeing a complete revolution and introduction of machinery advances it is seeing major changes. There are robotic types of machinery that can sew in extreme speed finely with accuracy. This is hugely popular in corporate companies as they really consider tuxedo and suits as business attire. For doing embroidery on such clothes, Oklahoma City is always the first choice because of its supremacy in this field.

Additionally, you would get it in different other items, such as towels, dress shirts, bags, polos etc. Moreover, embroidered dress materials are always on huge demand. This is such an amazing style that can be put in different things because of its appeal and use of it these days is quite wide.

embroidery oklahoma city

Keeping in mind the accuracy and mechanism besides materials it is pricey than other types. Depending on stich, number the price differs. Additionally, the price also depends on the setup. The more a company spends on setup, the more is the price. A good setup although can give better embroidery.

If we look for the advantages of it those are professional look, can be used in a wide array of materials and availability of colors.

Now Coming to Screen Printing

This Chinese invention was mentioned as silk screening. Equipment used or it was generally simple handheld tools. Basically, the process earlier and these days are quite similar. Suppose you have a mesh screen holding an image. On top of the screen, there is ink that will be used for the garment. Now you have to push a squeegee to force the ink across the screen. This is the same principle used now but only there is a change with the types of machinery. Using handheld tools people can only print 50 shirts an hour, now the range in thousands of shirts per hour. Now inks and mesh screen are also quite advanced. Inks are available in different ranges such as neon, metallic, glow in the dark etc. and other various textures.

embroidery oklahoma city

To sum up advantages, it can give shading and fine details. Size of the graphic does affect pricing.

It is your personal preference what do you want for your apparel. If you really want people to appreciate your taste of artistry come to embroidery companies in Oklahoma City. IGG Screen Printing & Graphics is well-known in OKC. Come and join us on the incredible journey of clothing revolution.