Embroidered Workwear – Why Is It a Pro Choice?

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Embroidered workwear is an excellent way to introduce your company into the world, and you will attract attention for all the right reasons if all your employees are equipped with personalized and embroidered items. Many studies show the advantages of personalized and embroidered clothing, enhance your business profile, team cohesion, and your brand's public perception.

We're proud to offer quality company clothes through our custom embroidery services in Oklahoma City OK, which are comfortable to wear and look great. At IGG Screen Printing and Graphics whether you want your existing wear to be customized or create a new uniform, our friendly team will help you, regardless of your needs.


No doubt embroidered clothing provides durability that is not printing and, in particular, this toughness is necessary to fight extreme weather and excessive washing.


Weather Resistance

Embroidered workwear has a very important role to play in the economy in a country with such a harsh, wet, miserable, grim and depressing climate. Just think of how many brick-workers wouldn't lay bricks, lift engineers wouldn't lift, or farmers wouldn't be able to work without proper wear, and the point if you weren't representing your company with broken logos.

Marketing Capacity

We believe that the primary purpose of embroidered workwear should be to protect you from the elements, keep yourself comfortable and help you to work optimally. However, you would miss a trick by not commercializing your brand and logo through professional printing, because otherwise, you may fail to spread your business name in spite of every good job you do.

custom embroidery services oklahoma city ok


If you are in a client-oriented industry or you participate in a networking event with others, a personalized uniform is extremely important to allow others to immediately identify your team. This is important to both customers and colleagues and is an important advantage of our free personalization service.

Company Image through Uniform

Your uniform can tell a great many things about your company. You can use a logo, corporate details and business information to select the wear that suits your ethos and your employees. Consider how the world presents your business and let us make a big impression for you.

custom embroidery services oklahoma city ok

Professional Appearance

A professional look is one of the first impressions of your company, and it can ensure that you have the opportunity to do work. There is no point in sacrificing comfort for substance or style. We can help you, and your team looks at the real deal at IGG Screen Printing and Graphics.

For years, we have created personalized clothes for our customers and provide our custom embroidery services in Oklahoma City, OK. We are always happy to work with you to design unique articles. Talk to us today about your clothing that is personalized or broken.