Embroidered Workwear – It Will Make You Look More Professional at Work

Embroidered workwear is a must these days for marketing. At IGG Screen Printing & Graphics, we offer customized and embroidered clothing at reasonable prices. We have complete control over quality, and you can fully monitor the process.


Customized Clothing

One of the most prominent advantages of creating embroidered customized clothing is the professional appearance it gives as it is perfect for your workplace, sports or school. Embroidery lasts long, so it is excellent for sports uniforms because the garment would have to deal much use.


Qualities of a good clothing company

  • We have options for you. At IGG Screen printing & Graphics we let you choose the option best-fitted for your requirements. We won’t insist choosing embroidery if you like screen printing or vice versa.

  • We're going to be with you always beforehand. We won’t give you a run-around while enquiring about your product. We know that no one wants to be in a mess, so we will regularly inform you about work progress and when you can get it from us. If your order is problematic, we will inform you immediately and give you other available options.

  • Many clothes we offer. We don't have "one size fits all"–so we offer a large array of clothing for everyone. If you’re not happy, neither are we, so whether you want a custom polo with a pocket, a hoody with a zip or a t-shirt in that perfect green shade, we can assist.

Corporate Clothing


Embroidery is a way to personalize the uniforms of your employees and to create memorable brand recognition. It provides a quality look and finish. Due to the precision and durability of embroidery, it gives an elegant and sophisticated design.

So, how do we do embroidered workwear exactly? First, the design is configured in a special computer program. We’ll then use this to program our machines to embroider it to make the finish perfect. After the machine has received the file, the clothes are fixed to place with a special stand that clamps up on the embroidered part of the cloth, a bit like a canvas. The process proceeds by adding thread colors, and the desired pattern is stitched into the apparel.


Embroidered Polo T-Shirts

At the ending of summer, it is time to prepare for the next season transition. Embroidered polos are an attractive way to get into professional style this fall. Embroidered clothing is chosen expertly so your company appears to be professional and add value and boost the aesthetics of your business.

High-Visibility Clothing

Many businesses consider embroidered workwear as an important element of a corporate image because it provides workplace safety at the same time associating the company with such safety. That is why high-visibility printed clothing is so good for a company whose employees work outside. In addition to the security benefits, high-visibility also helps to quickly identify staff, so that onlookers can easily spot them.

Come to IGG Screen printing & Graphics to get your embroidered workwear. We would love to print and do embroidery for you.