Embroidered Workwear Can Help in Small Business Growth

Custom embroidery and its small details have such a big influence. It looks good, and this classic stitch art enables you to apply brand names or logos to a variety of products. Whereas screen printing is perfect to apply large frames on t-shirts and other clothing, the look of embroidering is excellent for slogans, logos, and small pictures on many fabrics.


Here are some ways to help your business with custom embroidery in Oklahoma City.

Logos on the Uniforms

Small companies grow by naming and building a brand many people grow to trust. Many know it becomes more memorable and familiar by repeatedly exposing your brand logo and company name. Research has also shown uniforms to be effective for recognizing both the business and its professionalism. See what a wonderfully displayed thread artwork can do when you embroider the company logo on your employee uniforms!


Embroidered Names

Whereas it may not seem like much to arrange embroidered workwear for employees with their names, it boosts your image as a small business. It does not only look incredibly professional; it easily helps to relate with a customer. It also shows that employees are committed to the company and their work and can instill confidence in your customers. Sticking employees’ names on their uniforms also contributes to reducing loss or damage to workwear, which will save money long term.

Embroidered Accessories and Other Things

Depending on your business type it helps to strengthen awareness about your brand as well as prevent the loss or theft of such things by adding embroidery to things like towels at your boutique hotel, or cloth napkins at an upscale restaurant. Moreover, if you bring these items to your customers, they can advertise for you! An embroidered logo or simple monogram on accessories is also shown to help boost customer confidence in your brand and business.

We are IGG Screen Printing and Graphics where you can get expert embroidery work in Oklahoma City. We are proud to present our services which help us achieve success by supporting the brands of other small local companies. It’s not easy to start and build a small company. Moreover, if you're not sure what you need or haven't yet created a logo, we've got a team of designers willing to help design your logo ideas and brand name. Let's help one another grow successfully! Contact us today for all your custom workwear embroidery needs, including employee names, logo, and promotional items.