‘Embroidered’ Evolution!

It is nowadays easy to get any picture on anything that you can imagine printed or embroidered. Here we have tons of images for you to choose from at IGG Screen Printing and Graphics, or we can take a digital file to make a stitched artwork. It wasn't always this way, however. Know how we have reached here. Check out our professionals at IGG Screen Printing and Graphics and place your order for customized embroidery needs in Oklahoma City.

Change in Thinking

Embroidery became more popular than you might think. People began to put extra efforts into their clothes over 2,000 years ago. It was used at that time, however, to strengthen the clothes and make them tear-proof. However, the ancient Greek mythology suggests that it was possible to decorate clothes by adding extra stitches in clothing. Even today embroidery is traditionally used for decorative purposes.

embroidery Oklahoma city.jpg

Items for Embroidery

You can embroider nearly anything wearable. The result can be beautiful and unique if the design and stitching is done using colored threads within a predefined pattern. Almost any material, from logos to pictures, patterns or even your name, can be stitched. If you want an original or a gift for the entire team, embroidered clothing is the right choice.


Back in the day, the designs were hand stitched into every single piece; this isn't the case anymore. Our technological machine uses laser precision to match each color on a digital image and ensure that every stitch is exactly placed where it should be. It also provides that every part looks the same, perfectly, when you order gifts for a team or company.

Embroidery was initially done to distinguish a brand or image, and it is now the perfect way to connect a team. Know more about custom embroidery and get yours done at IGG Screen Printing and Graphics’ embroidery shop in OKC.