Screen Printing on Blended Shirts

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You probably know that discharge screen printing is used traditionally on 100% cotton clothing. In the apparel industry, people want to know if this discharge ink can be used for 50%/50% blend fabric shirt. Yes, it can be. Precisely, sometimes. This is rather a straightforward answer, however there are some conditions when you can use the discharge method on a cotton-poly blend material and get an excellent result. Let’s check scenarios when it’s okay and when not.

Discharge ink is only going to discharge cotton and not polyester while printing on 50/50, the result, therefore, often gets a vintage or distressed look. If this discharge ink is used on specific ‘heather colors’, the success ratio to achieve a bright, vibrant print is higher. Certain colors are much harder to discharge regardless of the fabric, like purple and some blues and blue-greens.

Are you hoping for exact pigmented Pantone colors with discharge inks? Screen printing experts suggest avoiding discharge ink on blend fabric shirts to get exactly the Pantone color you want.

The first method that is used for discharge printing on cotton-poly is to do it directly with discharge ink having added color pigment for creating desired colors. This method gives fair results, but colors might not always be vibrant and bright. Heather colors may work well, especially for dark heather.

The second method followed by screen printing companies in OKC is using discharge method on two- or three-fabric blends with discharge ink for a base, after that, printing with inks that are water- or plastisol-based on top. Sometimes the design won’t be very clear, and you’ll only get to see it after full garment printing and it’s been dried.

To help your water-based ink achieve better opaque colors, use only discharge ink for the base without pigment. Plastisol ink allows greater accuracy for matching Pantone colors. Come to IGG Screen Printing & Graphics for screen printing in OKC and we’ll be sure your designs are faithfully printed onto your favorite apparel!

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