Custom Sports Shirts – Why Is This a Must-have?

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As spectators, all know the importance of color to differentiate their team from the opponents. The primary goal of having custom team uniforms is indeed, to identify everyone on the ground or court. Imagine how difficult it would be to tell one team from another for both viewers and players if both teams wore whatever people felt to wear that day.

Teams have chosen custom t-shirts in the same color with the same logo to identify each other in the field. In many cases, sports teams print names and numbers of players on their jerseys so that coaches, fans and other players can identify them on the court or at the field.

The material for t-shirts has for quite a while become one of the essential aspects that a custom T-shirt printing in OKC can take into account. Now we're increasing the awareness about material: in the plantation where there's no pesticides or other toxic products, we always look for something that looks for our skins and prevents irritation and rashes, which is also environmentally friendly. That is why we chose organic cotton T-shirts at IGG for custom sport shirts in Oklahoma City as they are the number one choice for those who want to wear a T-shirt that meets specific requirements of quality and that also respects nature.


Custom Shirt Printing in OKC

Various print techniques that adapt to chromatic characteristics of our design and the purpose for which t-shirts are used to reproduce logo and graphic images precisely. For example, thanks to its advanced technology, digital printing accurately repeats colors. It is the perfect method of printing for medium / small print runs and a safe result. Silk-screen printing is the perfect choice for large quantities and logos, the original image is accurately reproduced, and the price for large sales is affordable.

The Team

Custom T-shirts can inject team spirit into your team immediately. When your t-shirts colors are the same, you immediately feel linked to others, and you feel you belong to a group, and you feel that you have something in common.


A team is supposed, even in a difficult situation, to play together, function together and stand together. When everyone wears the same custom t-shirt or uniform, people can easily believe they work together to achieve a common objective. Instantly, people who wear the same color T-shirt with the same logo feel part of something larger than they do and better at seeing the larger picture and striving towards a standard team goal rather than trying to reach original grandeur.

custom t shirts okc

Support System

Custom team clothing is for fans, and not just athletes and trainers. Custom T-shirts in the colors of your favorite team, with a logo or a mascot of the team, allow fan loyalty and support to the team, as the bleachers applaud them.


We have already found out that using the same colors improves the sense of unity of a team. However, personalized T-shirts also have a strong ability to motivate teammates. Athletes who put on a T-shirt team have the feeling of superheroes placing their capes.

custom t shirts okc

Team Player

T-shirts custom team have a great way to raise the game. Since each team member is dressed in the same uniform look, no one is more or better than anyone else, but there to play for the team.

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