Comparing Direct Printing and Vinyl Overlay

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You could see different types of prints available on the various printer websites when you shop around for your custom t-shirts, tablecloths or tote bags for promotional products in OKC. You probably wonder how all these very similar sounding options differ from screen printing. In this article, we will help you decide which process of printing is best for you by breaking down the differences between these two common types of printing.

Vinyl Overlay

Through a process that combines heat and pressure, the method of heat transfer applies individual designs to items such as T-shirts or tablecloths. Vinyl heat transfer and digital heat transfer prints are common types of heat transfer printing. A machine is utilized for cutting designs in colored vinyl pieces with the vinyl heat transfer procedure. A heat press is then used to transfer the design to the printed object in every vinyl color.

Advantages of Vinyl Overlay

For temporary signs, vinyl overlay decals work best in OKC. The ease in which the overlay is removed and replaced makes it ideal for scenarios where information changes regularly. For example, an external aluminum sign that describes store hours or parking rules has the advantage of simply pressing and replacing the old vinyl overlay. To remove and replace vinyl overlays, cleaner, a razor blade, the non-abrasive brush is required, etc. Vinyl overlays are a versatile solution for a variety of situations and applications.

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Direct Printing

In the process, actual screens are used when a design is produced using the screen printing method. This screen is primarily designed to create a stencil. Ink is then spread over the display, only in the areas you want it to be, to the object underneath. Only one color can be used per screen, so you will need multiple screens to create the final article, depending on the number of colors in the design.

Advantages of Direct Printing

Several benefits over vinyl overlays can be found in direct printing. Direct printing offers crisp, vivid, text and images, primarily without a layer between the substrate and design. While vinyl overlays can reproduce high-resolution images, it will not be as sharp or vibrant as a direct impression, as long as the original file is of a high resolution.

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The durability of the ink and the sign are other advantages. IGG Screen Printing and Graphics prints with UV-inks, which give your sign a durable, smooth, scratch-proof finish. These tints are designed for outdoor use and may be maintained for years. This means greater protection from adherence loss or peeling, as this process directly cures ink on the surface. Even surface printing is, however, susceptible to rubbing and other damage caused by sharp objects or deliberate abuse.

So, that is the difference between direct prints on a material and the vinyl overlay. You have questions about vinyl decals in OKC, or if you are still trying to conceptualize all this, please contact IGG Screen Printing and Graphics.