Business Signs – How to the Best for Your Business

Outdoor signs can be dismissed easily as a secondary or even ineffective advertisement tool in an increasingly mobile and digital world, but that could not be less true. Research shows that outdoor business signs remain an essential factor in the choice of a client or potential customer to interact with your company.

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  • According to the statistics, close to 76% of consumers said they were entering a shop or business they never used to visit due to a simple sign.

  • About 68% of consumers believe that the quality of the product or service is reflected in the signage of a business, and

  • 50% of the consumers said that inadequate signage prevents them from finding a business they wanted to visit.

  • Almost 60% of consumers said that the absence of a sign prevents them from entering a business.

The readability of the sign is the most crucial sign factor for people in trying the product or service in a store. So you need an outdoor sign? What about a sign for a sidewalk? Check out any outdoor shop, and the number of choices will overwhelm you. What's right for you, however? A smart decision about the external signage of your company means taking into account certain factors related to your budget, location, and message, as well as the durability of the sign as well as its weather resistance. When you shop for an outdoor business sign in OKC, determine these five factors, and you'll get the right one.

Location of the Sign

If your company is located in an outdoor center or a shopping center, sidewalk signs are a good way to advertise your latest promotions, so that your messages can be easily modified as needed. The flashing arrow sign, one with changeable letters or an LED board is your best bet for businesses that mostly attract vehicle traffic.

Length and Type

It takes just minutes to update length and message of LED outdoor panels, so they are suitable for short and long term promotions. Most enterprises tend to choose sidewalk signs for short messages or long-term promotions, but the possible signs for your business are really up to you.


Not every outside sign is created to be equal, so keep it in mind when shopping, the quality — and the location of your sign. With IGG, quality printing and sealing guarantees that your business sign in OKC is protected from the elements and looks good for future years to come.


Small companies benefit significantly from outdoor signs, but some small business owners believe that the cost is prohibitive. IGG makes it easier and more affordable to own one than ever, as IGG Screen Printing and Graphics offers low prices and all customizable business sign in OKC for your purposes.

Call us for the professional guidance and recommendation for the best sign for your business.