About Silkscreen Printing and Embroidery

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Silkscreen printing, called screen printing at times, transfers ink to the fabric by using stencil-like displays. The ink is shown as an image only where "holes" exist in the stencil when you apply the ink. The printer puts the stencil on the fabric, then presses it over. Many names including silkscreen printing refer to this process because silk is a major component of that process.

Our team of silkscreen printers uses this process to create lovely designs at IGG Screen Printing and Graphics in OKC. Let’s take a tour of the silk screen printing as a whole.

screen printing okc

Embroidery or Screen Printing

The two most popular ways of clothing design are screen printing and embroidery. How would you determine your choice? They are both professional and durable, so it depends on your preferences. IGG Screen Printing and Graphics can use a variety of colors in their designs, so screen printing is better if you have a more prominent design that requires many colors. Also, it's often cheaper, so it has to be considered if you buy a large amount or give them as souvenirs.

Embroidered work is generally considered a nicer and more classy way of presenting a design. Logo embroidery looks very sleek, and is traditionally on a shirt's left chest. It's a favorite way for many companies to decorate a shirt with a logo because the thread has weight and dimension, so the embroidery has a 3-D look. Moreover, the thread used for embroidery has a shiny coating which helps the colors stand out. Embroidery designs are usually more expensive, though, and the maximum size is much smaller than screen printing.

screen printing okc


For both screen printing or embroidery, you can nearly use any material, but screen printing makes your color options more varied. The colors of the ink correspond to the image you provide, so you know the final product is just like the image on the screen.

Consider bringing all together through an IGG Screen Printer and Graphics t-shirt for the next event in your company. Only the best quality products for screen printing in OKC you can expect from us to ensure that everyone in your company feels proud of the design.