A Quick View on Embroidered Hats

Embroidery is a process for decoration, which makes words or pictures on the products by using a needle and thread. This is not the only way to decorate a hat but one of the most common methods. You can do embroidery manually or using a machine. Multi-needle machines embroider the majority of hats; each needle gives a color by its thread. Each time you change your color, this delays the process, the maker is to be stopped and rethreaded without new needles.

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An embroidery hoop holds the textile in place during garment decoration. Hoops are available in various sizes, but not all hoops fit one machine well.

Stitch Count

This is simply the total stitch number used for design creation. The greater the stitch number, the longer is the production time. The stitch count affects promotional hats or embroidered workwear prices, less dense designs or products with longer stitches with white space will have less stitches and so the product will be less expensive.

It is normal to see the material underneath the stitches with less compact designs. Stitches that are highly dense are shorter, thicker and closer together.

Domestic and Overseas

Embroidered hats or workwear can be made in or outside the country. In other regions, the cap panels could be done in stages by each other before they are put together. It expands the decoration and the size options since the cloth is sewn flat, but a full round cap should be used to produce domestic embroidery.

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Embroidery Types on Caps

Here are various types of embroidery that you can use in your design. On the same cap, you can use or make styles as simple or complex as you want. Embroidery is best suited for simple, bold text and logos.

Flat Embroidery

A flat embroidery is the most popular and economical way of branding a cap. Flat embroidery for complex letters can accommodate more spacing variations and size than 3D styles. You can still feel the thread, but because it takes less room, longer words or phrases can be accommodated easier. We create branded caps via a computer-controlled sewing machine to reproduce your logo or image on a cap accurately.

3 Dimensional Embroidery

Three-dimensional embroidery emerges from the cover surface and is most dramatic. In contrast to the panels it is stitched on, your text or logo is not only highly visible but also can be felt. This way, your logo may appear from the surface of a cap up to 5 millimeters by decorating a hat with this effect. 3D embroidered designs are thicker and more space is needed on the cap and best utilized to make a bold impact in small quantities of lettering. The most costly and time-consuming method of hat embroidery is this type of decoration.

Embroidered Badges

The best way of using embroidery badges is for logos – banners, texts and a range of colors can be present. They are sewn in a custom design separately and then stitched to a cap or heat-adhered. Because of their smaller size, these are often more complex.

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