A handful of Tips – T-shirt Printing

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Today's T-shirts are increasingly creative besides popular. Whether you are a regular customer or a designer, it's somewhat cool to create your T-shirt. However, if you think about it, the process of creating a personalized screen-printed T-shirt can be daunting. Here are a few tips to make the most of a printed shirt design on your custom screen.

Here are a handful of tips to make your t-shirt more of a promotional product. Print a t-shirt as one of your promotional products in OKC to reap more benefits.

●        Draft a few ideas on paper. Take several thoughts on your t-shirt design on what you would like. Sleep on it once you have it on paper. Sometimes the best thing to do is to look at with new eyes after you get all these ideas. A new idea or design could come up.

●        Print it out on paper and tape it on the front of a T-shirt when you have designed it. How does it look? Is that something you're looking for? Involve a few other people and ask about your masterpiece.

●        Your choice of font can say a lot about the reception of your design and convey ideas or emotions that are not deliberate.

●        The composition is something that your high school art classes may remember. Each design has elements arranged about one another, and the overall composition is made up of this relationship. Often it can be an opinion what makes a well-designed composition. However, there are fundamental rules on composition that can dramatically improve the design when followed. If you want to learn to improve your composition game, there are plenty of resources online.

●        Some of the most important decisions are color choices; not just for design reasons, but if you want screen printing, ensure that the job matches your budget. Naturally, to decrease your cost per item, you could always buy further shirts. Spend more for more savings. The logic of sales – remember it ahead of screen printing your t-shirt in OKC.

promotional products okc

In some cases, screen printing in OKC allows us to use a so-called halftone technique, which is small dots that look like many more in three or four colors. It is like magic. This is like magic. Ask your sales representative now, if your design is semi-tone.

●        Contrast is a color choice part, but it must be taken into consideration as a specific and important aspect. What is contrast, exactly? This is the difference between the lighter and the darker parts of a picture or the correspondence between color shades. The greatest difference will always be black-to-white or vice versa. Moreover, of course, the bright colors will be high in contrast to a dark background.

●        In your designs, don't go overboard. When designing a customized screen printing or custom t-shirt, it's best to keep it straightforward. We often try to complicate things in design and marketing to attract more clients. In a technology-driven society today, simpler is the most effective way to reach consumers.

●        Whether in a picture file on a piece of paper, stop in and talk to our art department. We have years of experience in the creation of beautiful and professional T-shirt designs with companies all around Oklahoma City.

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