A Deep Insight into Laser Technology for Engraving

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Permanent marking is a significant thing for establishing any brand or business. There are popular technologies through which the marking is done presently and that includes inkjet, electrochemical etching, dot peen and laser marking. You have to make a choice of technology you would pick to create your marking. Each of the technologies has its own area of advantages and limitations. The companies who provide with the marking service consider some fundamental factors to use the technology for it. The types of material, surface finish, roughness and dimension, functionalities, marking quality, mark serialization and coating thickness decide which method would be effective for the particular purpose.

The direct marking technology including laser engraving is popular in OKC and other cities now. The reason behind the same is the durability. The stickers do not permit the traceability for long. Engraving is permanent and it is done in human-readable form.


There are several benefits of laser engraving technology and here are some of those for your understanding:

  • It is a non-contact process that allows sensitive materials to be marked skipping the mechanical risk including stresses in the parts.

  • There is a wide range of materials available for the technology.

  • It is a permanent finish without degrading the quality of the material.

  • It is compliant with the rules and regulations of the food and health industry.

  • It is less time-consuming.

  • It is much more prominent.

laser engraving okc.jpg

There are also other technologies in engraving industry but mostly, laser engraving is popular in OKC and other parts of America.

  1. Inkjet marking is also a non-contact process that uses the force of ink to mark the surface. Two main processes are followed here; continuous inkjet and drop on demand inkjet. Over time, this marking can wear off and this is the considerable pitfall of it.

  2. Electrochemical etching is another type of engraving process that is known as oxide black surface effect. It can be long-lasting but has an ill effect on the material. Electrochemical and the process electrode can change the material.

If you are also in search of permanent marking for business purpose, you should choose an experienced laser engraving service provider in OKC. From IGG Screen Printing and Graphics you can get the best implementation of the laser technology for engraving.