A Comparative Study between Water-based Ink and Plastisol Ink

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The screen printing industry knows how to use different types of inks to serve different purposes. The most popular ink styles are ink based and plastisol. Here, we will have a comparative study between the two to let you know which one is better for your purpose. In OKC, IGG Screen Printing and Graphics uses the type of color which goes the best with the purpose.

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Water-based Ink

This high-end ink is commonly used for retail printing purpose. To sum up, how it works we can say that water-based ink dyes the clothing fabric and replaces the color rather than the ink sitting on the top of the fabric.

The screen printing in OKC favors this ink because of its longevity. It lasts as much as the fabric lasts and the user would find no discoloration, fading, peeling or cracking with time.

Depending on the fabric type and quality you can expect the brightness of the ink. When it is a complete cotton fabric, you would find 100% brightness.

It would make the shirt incredibly soft and wearable. Than any other ink type used on fabric, it makes the shirt extremely breathable.

This is though easy to use, this fabric acts differently on different fabric. That is why it demands in-depth knowledge before using it.

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Plastisol Ink

This is also for apparel but made from plastic. This is cheap per the industry standard for screen printing though it has a thick texture and heavy feeling print type.

It tends to break down and has less longevity than water-based ink. Upon washing, this print tends to crack, peel or flake off.

Unlike water-based ink it sits on the top of the fabric and gives better brightness. As it is made from plastic it affects the breathability of plastic. Its chemical formation makes it easier to be printed on fabric and does not require much knowledge.

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Which one you would require completely depends on the reason. You can contact our screen printing experts in OKC to know about the printing type better.

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